August 22, 2011


Armenia to be self reliant in grain by 2014



Armenia hopes to be self-sufficient in grain and stop grain imports by 2014, according to Agriculture Minister Sergo Karapetian.


Last year, the government released US$1.5 million for the import of elite wheat seeds to ease the country's heavy dependence on wheat imports. Officials said at that time that Armenian farmers should be able to meet more than half of the demand in 2013, when domestic wheat production is expected to rise to 350,000 tonnes.


"Last year we gathered 183,000 tonnes of grain crops, this year's harvest will be about 215,000 tonnes", he said. He said 85% of the grain crops this year have already been harvested. Karapetian also emphasised that grain prices on world markets have fallen by 15-20%, but the drop is not felt in Armenia because earlier imported stocks at higher prices are not over yet.

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