August 20, 2020


Brazil sends agricultural attachés to Shenzhen over COVID-19 claims


Brazilian agricultural attachés based in Beijing, China are being sent to Shenzhen to investigate allegations over COVID-19 coronavirus traces found in frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil, Reuters reported.


The posting was cited fromBrazilian newspaper Valor Econômico. There were no comments on the matter from the Brazilian agriculture ministry.


Shenzhen authorities revealed that Central Cooperativa Aurora Alimentos, the third biggest poultry and pork processor in Brazil was the origin of the alleged contaminated frozen chicken wings.


Hong Kong and Macau announced import suspensions from Aurora's chicken facility based in Xaxim, Santa Catarina state following the announced contaminations.


The Philippines issued a temporary suspension on all Brazilian poultry imports over COVID-19 concerns related to the Shenzhen announcement as well.


-      Reuters