August 20, 2020


Philippines suspends Australian poultry imports due to bird flu


The Philippines has imposed a temporary suspension of imported domestic, wild birds and their products from Australia after the H7N7 bird flu virus was detected on a Victoria egg farm, Reuters reported.


Only 1% of Philippines' poultry imports come from Australia.


Philippines' Department of Agriculture said the suspension includes poultry meat, eggs, day old chicks and semen.


William Dar, Philippines' Agriculture Secretary said Australian imports with clearance issued on or before August 6 will be allowed into the Philippines as long the birds were processed or slaughtered on or before July 3 or 21 days before the outbreak was detected.


The H5N6 subtype of bird flu was detected on an egg farm in San Luis town, Pampanga, Philippines province in July.


The Philippines had also imposed a temporary suspension on poultry meat from Brazil following reports from Shenzhen, China of COVID-19 coronavirus traces detected in a shipment of frozen chicken wings from Brazil.


-      Reuters