FEED Business Worldwide - August 2012
Indo Livestock 2012 Expo & Forum
by Geraldine EE
The 7th edition of Indo Livestock Expo & Forum - Indonesia's largest agribusiness livestock industry and feed show, was held at the Jakarta Convention Centre from July 4th to 6th. It attracted over 14,000 trade visitors and delegates representing integrators, veterinarians, farmers, feed millers, processors, retailers, importers and distributors.
Incorporating Indo Fisheries 2012 Expo & Forum, Indo Feed 2012 Expo & Forum, and Indo Dairy 2012 Expo & Forum, a gamut of concurrent events during the show also bolstered its success.
Over three days, more than 100 technical product presentations were delivered by both Indonesian and overseas exhibitors. A fairly large percentage of presentations were on animal health and feed supplements, featuring the application of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and phytogenic.
Mercyawati Subianto, business development manager of PT Evonik Indonesia says that the company presents at the show regularly. "This year, we provided an update of the poultry and aqua sectors based on the research we have conducted," she says. The presentation topics are "Impact of heat stress on amino acid needs of broilers", "Effect of dietary protein levels on poultry production and performance", as well as "Indonesia fishmeal quality and variation-the reduced trial in pangasius".
National organisations and associations also presented on topics relevant to both local and international audience. The FAO from the US presented on "Practical solutions to increase profit in poultry and reduce the risk of avian influenza"; while the British Pig Association presented on "Advanced Pig Genetics", "Cattle Breeding  for Whole Farm Profit" and "Minerals in the Ruminant Diet".
Marking the 49th anniversary of the Bogor Agricultural University, its faculty of animal science organised the 2nd International seminar on Animal Industry, themed "Empowering Local Resources for Sustainable Animal Production in Adapting to Climate Change". In line with the progress made by the university, the seminar presented a platform to advance the industry by facilitating cross-border discussion on the progress of the animal industry, livestock efficiency and productivity, and stakeholders of the animal industry. Experts from Australia, Indonesia, Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK covered wide-ranging topics including breeding, genetic, reproduction, nutrition, physiology, feed technology, animal product technology, meat science, grassland science and animal agribusiness
In addition, the support of the Ministry of Agriculture lent weight to other programmes within the venue, dedicated to inform local industry players and foster growth by sharing knowledge. These include the National Workshop on Local Poultry by the Centre of Agricultural Research and Development; a dialogue on animal quarantine policies by the Quarantine Agency; and a dialogue on licensing income and expenditure of livestock and livestock products by the Directorate General Livestock and Animal Health. A presentation on the role of Check Off programme in improving the competitiveness of the national poultry industry by FMPI - the umbrella organisation of farmers associations, could lead the way to increased collaboration and cooperation within the local industry in the near future.
With over 400 exhibitors from at least 40 countries, the event saw a fair representation of exhibitors from around the world, with dedicated China, Singapore, European and American pavilions.
With the importance of Indonesia's market growing, many companies attended IndoLivestock for the first time. For example, Spanish company Silos Cordoba participated in Indo Livestock for the first time this year. Pablo Abel Fernandez Moriana, Export Manager says that its goal of identifying an agent in Indonesiawas met. He adds, "We will most probably attend the next edition and hopefully the first project for Indonesia would be built by the next show."
Subianto of Evonik says Indo Livestock is a good opportunity to meet the company's customers, many of whom are also exhibiting. She was also happy to meet overseas visitors at the show. Hosted by Indonesia's directorate general of Livestock and Animal Health and by its Ministry of Agriculture, the show was also supported by the country's livestock associations, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and the Indonesia Exhibition
Companies Association (IECA). This year, like the years before, the organisers launched the "Milk, Meat, Egg and Fish" campaign during the show to fight against malnutrition in the community through consumption of these animal proteins, and of course, to drive demand for these protein lines.
With Indonesia's livestock market and meat demand continuing to grow sharply, this show's success, as unprecedented as it was, will be surpassed by future editions of this fair.
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