August 19, 2022


Six US poultry facilities recognised with Innovation in Safety & Health Award



The Joint Industry Safety and Health Council recently recognised six poultry facilities in the United States with an Innovation in Safety & Health Award.


The facilities were recognised for a significant advancement in operational excellence in a safety and/or health innovation.


"It is always encouraging to see companies implementing new and innovative programmes to promote safety in their facilities and we are very pleased to recognise these six companies for their efforts," said Adrienne Allison, director of safety and health services (poultry operations) at Tyson Foods and chair of the Joint Industry Safety and Health Council.


The six facilities receiving the awards are as follows.


    - Darling Ingredients, Mock OSHA Audits;


    - Darling Ingredients, Worker Safety Academy;


    - Tyson Foods, Berryville, Arkansas processing plant;


    - Tyson Foods, Camilla, Georgia hatchery;


    - Wayne Farms, Albertville, Alabama hatchery;


    - Wayne Farms, Enterprise-Wide Supervisor Safety Matrix.


Award applications were entered in the industry categories of Poultry Processing (NAICS 311615), Poultry & Egg Production (NAICS 1123), Animal Feed Manufacturing (NAICS 311119), Animal Support Services (NAICS 115210) and Rendering (NAICS 311613).


Awards were issued for both a process-based innovation and an equipment-based innovation.


A panel of judges determined the award winners for each category.



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