August 19, 2008


Anthrax found in cattle in South Dakota
Anthrax has been confirmed for the second time this year in South Dakota, with the most recent case occurring in Lincoln County.
Three beef cows were lost in the herd of fifty-one unvaccinated animals.
Anthrax can cause the rapid loss of a large number of animals in a very short time. Often animals are found dead with no illness detected.
Dr Sam Holland, state veterinarian advises cattle and other livestock in the area to be vaccinated for the next few years, adding that anthrax spores survive in contaminated soil indefinitely and that much of South Dakota has the potential of experiencing an outbreak.

Climate extremes such as drought, floods, and winds can expose Anthrax spores to grazing livestock. Alkaline soils, high humidity and high temperatures conditions are ideal for the Anthrax spores to vegetate and become infectious, he added.

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