August 19, 2008


Export sales by Brazilian cooperatives up 28.4 percent in H1 2008


Cooperatives in Brazil had revenues of US$ 1.86 billion with exports in the first half of this year while sales increased by 28.4 percent when compared to the same period in 2007, according to a study by the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives (OCB).


The growth in exports by cooperatives was above that of national exports as a whole, which grew 23.8 percent from January to June during the period. 


The increase in revenue was achieved despite a 7.9-percent drop in tonnage shipped abroad. Volume sold during the period was 3.5 million tonnes, compared to 3.8 million tonnes the same period last year.


The OCB attributed the increase in revenues to appreciation of the Brazilian real against the dollar.


Soy and soy products accounted for one third of cooperative exports, contributing US$ 650 million. Sales rose 73 percent over the same period in 2007.


The meat sector accounted for the second largest chunk of income for cooperatives, bringing in US$ 410.9 million, accounting for one fifth of products sold by cooperatives.


China was the main foreign market for Brazilian cooperatives accounting for 12.3 percent of total exports and bringing in US$228.25 million. 


Exports to China have been rising thanks to greater demand for soy and soy products, according to OCB. 


Other markets were Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, the US and Japan.


Cooperatives in the state of Parana were the top exporters in Brazil, accounting for 36.6 percent of the total shipped, at a value of US$680.55 million.

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