August 19, 2008


Indian dairy co-op increases milk price

The Goa Milk Producers' Union Co-operative Society (Goa Dairy) has decided to raise milk prices by Rs 2 per litre.


Goa Dairy chairman Madhav Sahakari said the co-op is forced into raising milk prices as they are purchasing raw milk from dairies in neighbouring states that have hiked the price of milk due to increased feed prices.


The new prices are effective since Monday (August 18, 2008). With the new pricesin place, a 500 ml packet of standard milk will now cost Rs 11.5, up from Rs 10.5, while a 500 ml packet of homogenized milk will cost Rs 11, up from Rs 10.


The price of 1-litre high fat milk packet has also increased from Rs 26 to Rs 28.

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