August 19, 2008


South Korea to tighten inspections on Nebraska Beef products

South Korea will tighten quarantine inspections of all beef imported from Nebraska Beef, an US company that is recalling its products due to E. coli concerns, according to the government on Sunday (August 17, 2008).


The measures would cover all beef cuts from Nebraska Beef Ltd., the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said.


South Korea normally conducts close examinations only on ground beef from Nebraska Beef but the USDA had ordered the company to recall 241 tonnes of ground beef on June 30, with the amount rising to 2,400 tonnes four days later. The USDA has also issued two more recall orders.


A ministry official said the tightened inspection routine will remain until South Korea is satisfied that the US government has taken all necessary steps to prevent E. coli from entering the food chain.


The official added that if bacteria are found in a package belonging to a larger shipment, the entire cargo will be returned.


There are currently no imports from Nebraska Beef since South Korea reopened its market to US beef in late June.

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