August 18, 2016    

2016 a "pivotal year" for Cargill, says annual report




Cargill's recently released 2016 Annual Report illustrates a "pivotal year" marked by dynamism both within the corporation and in the world, according to chairman and CEO Dave MacLennan and executive vice president and CFO Marcel Smits.


These developments are observed in long-term changes impacting population, urbanisation and climate, leading to the reshaping of the world's food and agriculture as "disruptive forces" persist in the market. 


In the report's opening letter, MacLennan and Smits states the progress of Cargill to "be more agile, with capabilities essential to customers' success".


"We are leading the advance toward a more sustainable food system that nourishes people and protects the planet," both executives adds.


For the first in this year's report, Cargill's financial and corporate responsibilities are compiled together to show the company's business operations in generating positive and perennial outcomes.


Certain development are highlighted in the report including:


Navigating change: Current market dynamics as well the impact of urbanisation and evolution of the food economy as explained by Cargill experts, customers and an agricultural economists. 


Driving innovation: Reviewing Cargill's responses to changing consumer preferences and currency shifts, progress in bio industries, and empowering the next generation of food and agriculture leaders.


Advancing sustainability: Focusing on investing in scalable solutions, applying insights from protecting rainforests in the Amazon to new regions in Paraguay, sharing details of Cargill's acquisition of EWOS, the global leader in sustainable salmon and trout nutrition, and key examples of performance in the areas of food security, sustainability and nutrition.


More insights concerning performance and goals will be shared by Cargill on Twitter. The company's annual report is available online, along with a variety of supplemental pieces, including an introductory video from MacLennan and video interviews with other Cargill leaders.


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