August 18, 2015


India poised to remain as world's largest milk producer



India remains as the world's largest milk producer, accounting for 16.43% of the total global supply, according to the latest figures.


Last year India produced almost 100 million tonnes of milk, which is 15% more than the output of the world's second-largest milk producer, the US and three times that of the third-largest producer, China.


India may yet retain its world status as it aims to double milk production by 2027 from the levels in 2012, when it launched a policy to improve milk productivity and provide producers easier access to the market.


According to the UK's Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board (AHDB), the majority of this increase is required to keep pace with the predicted rise in domestic consumption of dairy products.


Around 70% of India's milk production is used in its raw form while the rest is processed into different dairy products.


India's milk production is mostly for local consumers. The world's top milk exporter is New Zealand, followed by the EU, Australia and the US, while the top milk importers are China and Russia.


Meanwhile, the US, according to the data from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation, is the largest producer of cow's milk, accounting for 14.4%, or 91 million tonnes, of total world production as of 2013, which stood at 636 million tonnes.


India is only second-largest, producing 9.5%, or nearly 61 million tonnes, of total world production of cow's milk in 2013.


However, India has 88 million buffaloes (representing 58% of total global buffalo production), which are the source of 13% of the world's milk production.  --Rick Alberto

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