August 18, 2008


China the fastest-growing market for Norway's salmons

China has become the fastest growing market for Norwegian salmon, the Norwegian Seafood Export Council said at the 10th anniversary of the opening of its Beijing office.


Chairman of the council Terjen Martinusen said that Norwegian salmon can be found at some of the world's top hotels and restaurants. Globally, the world eats 2.7 million servings of Norwegian salmon per day.


In China, eating of salmon was virtually a novelty ten years ago, he noted. Salmon was only served to guests in top hotels catering to foreign guests, he said. However, in the past ten years, the NSEC has done its utmost to promote salmon in China such that most Chinese know of its existence in the market, he said.  Now the item can be  found in supermarkets in China and Hong Kong, he noted.


Chinese consumers have also known about the benefits of salmon, such as its omega-3  fatty acid contents, thanks to efforts by the NSEC.


Norway is the world's second largest seafood  exporter and is the largest salmon farming country. In 2007, the country produced 750,000 tonnes of salmon, half the world's supply. 


China's import of Norwegian salmon grew 167 percent during the past 10 years to 8,000 tonnes. The 70-percent growth recorded in 2007 was the largest increase ever. Total imports by China and Hong Kong amounted to 19,000 tonnes in 2007, with a net value of US$91 million.   

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