August 18, 2008


ACMC, Chinese firm sign breeding pigs supply contract


UK pig breeding company ACMC has signed a deal with a Chinese firm for the supply of genetically advanced pigs.

Under the agreement, which is worth US$1.2 million, ACMC will supply 525 breeding pigs to Hebei-based Shijiazhuang Shuang Ge Food Co., a company involved in pig production, processing and retailing. Shuang Ge Food will use the pigs to set up a new nucleus unit on a green-field site.


Improved breeding animals will also be supplied to the pig farmers in Hebei Province, under a 15-year franchise agreement. The stock is estimated to be able to produce over 1 million slaughter pigs per year – normally finished at about 110 kg – to help feed the province's population of 64 million people.


Delivery of the animals, which include Meidam and Volante damlins and Vantage FC sirelines, is expected to start on October. ACMC will provide technical support for the nucleus herd's genetic and general management programme, as well as a regular supply of updated genes in the form of semen.

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