August 17, 2011


Russia permits subsidies to bolster poultry, pork output



In an effort to enhance Russia's poultry and pork production, the government has approved RUB9 billion (US$313.5 million) of subsidies to assist the sector.


The producers said state support will help increase meat output in the country.


The Belgorod Region, where a third of Russian industrial pig farms are located, is to receive the largest subsidy valued at RUB1.5 billion (US$52.3 million), the July 20 government resolution said.


The Leningrad Region, which is a major national poultry producer, will receive more than RUB400 million (US$13.9 million), Krasnodar and Chelyabinsk regions are to get some RUB370 million (US$12.9 million) and RUB340 million (US$11.8 million) respectively.


The market players are satisfied with the government measures to support meat production.

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