August 17, 2011


Belarus reaps almost seven million tonnes of grains



Agricultural organisations of Belarus had produced 6.912 million tonnes of grains as of August 15, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus.


According to operative data, agrarians harvested grains and leguminous crops throughout the areas of 1981.7 thsd ha, or 87.5% of the planned areas. On the same date last year agrarians already harvested grains throughout 94.9% of the areas.


The average yield of grains and leguminous crops totalled 34.9 c/ha, up 4.9 c/ha compared with the results of 2010. All oblasts of the country increase the yield indices compared to last year. The highest level in agricultural organisations of Grodno oblast is 43.2 c/ha.


As a reminder, in the current year the general harvest of grains is estimated at the level of 8.5 million tonnes taking into account corn production. In 2010 the general grain production totalled seven million tonnes.

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