August 16, 2022


Demand for chicken in Ontario, Canada, expected to increase by 7.32% in fall



Amid higher prices for other meats, Canadian consumers are flocking to chicken, with demand for chicken projected to be up 7.32% in Ontario during fall.


Based on market trends, Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) last month allocated 6.5% more production to Canada's chicken farmers — 7.32% for those located in Ontario — effective for the October 23 to December 17 production period. Ontario's output would stand at 72.4 million dressed kilogrammes in the period, out of 207.6 million kilogrammes nationally.


CFC oversees chicken production in coordination with the provincial chicken marketing boards like Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) as part of the poultry supply management regime.


CFO attributes continued strong demand for chicken to the price of competing alternative meats and higher food service sales coinciding with the end of pandemic restrictions.


It's anticipated the new chicken meat production levels will be formally approved on September 13.

- Farmers Forum

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