August 16, 2022


Philippines-developed ASF test kit included in official diagnostic kit list



The Philippines' Bureau of Animal Industry recently released a list containing 10 registered African swine fever (ASF) diagnostic kits.


Included in the list is Manila HealthTek's (MTek) GenAmplify ASF PCR detection kit. This is regarded as a win for both Filipino scientists and end-users in the local swine industry.


Dr. Ernesto Balolong Jr., the MTek director of research and development at the animal health division, said: "Since the product is locally-developed, the manufacturers can readily provide technical assistance to laboratories should there be problems versus imported test kits."


Presently, there is no vaccine or treatment for ASF. Disease prevention largely depends on strict biosecurity and diagnostic testing.


Aside from making it to the BAI listing, GenAmplify has also gotten the nod of other government agencies.


The Food And Drug Administration (FDA) approved the test kit last year. The Veterinary Laboratory Division of the Bureau of the Animal Industry also validated the product last year.


Dr. Lorenzo Arellano, doctor of veterinary medicine from Diamed Enterprise, said: "The GenAmplify ASF PCR Detection kit delivers the same quality performance as international brands. It is user-friendly and is very convenient since it allows the use of different type of samples."

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