August 16, 2021


China to support Argentina in developing aquaculture industry



Argentina is working with China as a strategic technology partner to develop its domestic aquaculture sector.


Argentina's national director of aquaculture, Guillermo Abdala, estimated aquaculture could generate revenue of at least US$1.8 billion annually for the South American nation.


"Argentina is the eighth-largest country in the world, with enormous potential to grow in the cultivation of various fish species. Globally, 54% of the aquatic protein for human consumption comes from aquaculture, not from fishing," said Abdala.

"Meanwhile, [in Argentina], 99.2% of the sector's foreign commerce comes from fishing and represents about US$1.8 billion a year. So, with local aquaculture development, we could aspire to generate at least another US$1.8 billion."


Abdala, along with Argentine Fisheries and Aquaculture Undersecretary Carlos Liberman and Foreign Affairs Ministry Undersecretary for Promotion and Investments Pablo Sívori, recently met with Argentine Ambassador to China Sabino Vaca Narvaja to finalise the details of cooperation and information exchange regarding its arrangement with China. Another meeting is expected to be held in the coming weeks to begin to outline technical aspects of the agreement.


At the same time, the government will formally present a national programme for sustainable aquaculture development under a law enacted in 2017. The government will look to work in coordination with the provinces to expand the sector while ensuring sustainable natural resource management.


"We are working hard on the regulations and legislation, so that no project can be carried out in the country without complying with the framework of the sustainable development law," said Abdala.


- SeafoodSource