August 16, 2016


Alltech invites applicants for its 5th Corporate Career Development Program





Alltech is inviting 12 applicants, who are recent bachelor's and master's degree graduates, for its 5th annual Corporate Career Development Program.


Applicants who wish to develop skills in science, veterinary science, biotechnology, information technology, marketing and finance, are invited to apply during the window of Aug 15 to Sep 30 via the Alltech Corporate Career Development Program website. The program will commence in February 2017.


Alltech aims to develop future leaders within the agriculture industry and values long-term talent development through the Alltech Corporate Career Development Program, which started in 2012. This programme was designed specifically by Dr. Aoife Lyons, director of educational engagement at Alltech.


"This is a life-changing opportunity for recent graduates to interact with colleagues from other countries, develop both their technical and interpersonal skills, and share innovative ideas," said Dr. Lyons.


"Previous Career Development Program members have worked in a variety of areas, including internal auditing for Latin America and marketing and event promotion for ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference, an annual symposium with more than 3,000 global attendees," she continued. "We strive to match successful applicants' interests with Alltech's global needs."


The 12-month, salaried, full-time mentorship programme will begin with an intensive three-month training period at Alltech's global headquarters in Nicholasville, Kentucky, US, where graduates will study topics including sustainable energy, communications, marketing and international business. Afterwards, they will continue training and development while simultaneously managing key company projects in one of the company's global offices, guided and mentored by senior management.


Tanja Marincich of Santiago, Chile, was accepted to the programme this year and is now finishing her training and development with the European finance team at Alltech's European Bioscience Centre in Ireland.


"The program has not only given me immediate insight into the inner workings of a multinational business, but it has given me the opportunity to embrace the work and values of the Alltech family," said Marincich. "Five months ago, I was welcomed into a culturally diverse, open-minded group that has allowed me to develop both hard and soft skills. It is more than a teamwork environment; Alltech is a place where everyone's ideas are heard, and the programme gave me a chance to be a part of it."


Kate Taylor of Northamptonshire, England, was also accepted to the programme this year and is completing her training and development with the global solutions deployment team, with which she is currently developing business plans for two key Alltech solutions.


"I've found the experience very exciting, fast-paced and challenging, but also very rewarding, especially when it came to working at ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference," said Taylor. "I constantly find myself working on innovative projects that I never could have imagined. It's rewarding to know that my ideas are shaping the future of the company."

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