August 16, 2016


MSD launches mobile apps for swine management


MSD Animal Health has launched free iOS mobile apps that assist swine veterinarians and farmers in maintaining healthy herds and productive farms.


The apps complement the company's ResPig® and ReproPig® websites, which provide veterinarians and producers help in identifying areas of improvement while managing the day-to-day demands of their farms.


"Maintaining healthy and productive herds is not only important to managing a successful farm, but healthy and productive animals means a safe, sustainable and affordable food supply," said Olivia Azlor Marsinach, director of marketing, MSD Animal Health. "We are committed to working with veterinarians and producers to provide them with tools that help develop customised management plans and the appropriate training that drives continuous improvement."


The new mobile apps provide the same tools previously available on the websites but without the worry of having reliable internet access all of the time. Customers will now have the ability to manage their workforce and facilities in a handheld device. The apps allow for the ability to audit on-farm management and animal health processes; maximise reproductive life-cycles; evaluate costs and benefits, and receive customised farm-level recommendations and action plans.


Once connected to the internet, the apps will automatically sync to the online website platforms, ensuring all data and reports are stored for future use, making it easier to share with veterinarians and MSD Animal Health contacts for tailored health plans.

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