August 15, 2012


Bulgaria's 2012 corn output down 40% on year



Following the inspection of the corn field, Bulgaria's 2012 corn harvest will be 40% less than in 2011.


Agriculture and Food Minister Miroslav Naydenov voiced his concern how the poor harvest will affect the situation with animal feed, given that corn is a key component. The Minister said that lower corn yields are expected on a global scale.


According to forecasts, this year's corn harvest will total 1.2 million tonnes, against two million tonnes in 2011.


The expensive animal feeds and shrinking consumption will put animal breeders in Bulgaria under huge pressure, Naydenov said, adding that this is why they will be aided by additional measures.


The yields are a bit more promising in the region of Plovdiv, where they reached three tonnes per one hectare, Naydenov said. The situation is far worse in Stara Zagora, where there are failed crops. He said that where the failed crops reach 10%, an EU regulation will be activated and grain growers' losses will be compensated up to 80%. This will happen after on-the-spot inspections of the damage and will apply for insured crops, Naydenov said.