August 15, 2011


American Dairy's net profit surges in Q2



American Dairy's net profit of US$5.2 million between April and June this year increased 125.1% on year and 10% on quarter, according to its unaudited quarterly financial results.


Operating revenue reached US$72.6 million, representing a yearly rise of 39.1%. Of the total, US$54.1 million was from the sale of brand milk powder, up 54.6% from US$35 million a year ago and 12.9% from US$47.9 million from a quarter ago. And the sales of high-end products contributed much to this. In the meantime, its marketing fee and management cost each fell 31.7% and 20.7% respectively, from a year earlier. In addition, the expenditure for biological asset disposal dropped to some extent.


In industry observers' opinion, the company has had a complete industrial chain and contribution of the industrial chain to it will rise as time goes by.

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