August 15, 2011


Feed prices to hit Cameroon's poultry sector



The poultry sector of Cameroon is projected to take a heavy toll in the upcoming months due to rising feed costs that will affect production.


Chicken production is feared to fall drastically due to a lack of sufficient corn to produce feed, officials from the country's industry body have said.


Poultry prices have been forced upwards by 10-15% and protests from consumers are feared. A nationwide uprising in 2008 was in part also due to scarcity and high prices of corn and poultry products.


With, corn production predicted to be 1.6 million tonnes as opposed to the expected 1.8 million tonnes, some poultry farmers are already abandoning the sector to avoid losing costs on birds that won't reach the market.


In 2009, Cameroons annual output was 3.6 million heads.

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