August 15, 2008
Kemira expands formic acid output capacity in Finland facility
Press Release

The expansion of Kemira's formic acid plant in Oulu, Finland, has completed and taken in use, increasing total production capacity by 30 percent to over 100,000 t/a.


The expansion was performed on the existing formic acid units and involved technological improvements and energy savings. More tank capacity was also built in the Oulu harbour to ensure uninterrupted shipments to customers.


Kemira is the global leader in organic acid derivative production and marketing and the second largest producer of formic acid. "With this investment in Oulu, Kemira will further strengthen its position on the market and meet the market needs", says Petri Helsky, Senior Vice President, SBU ChemSolutions.


Formic acid is biodegradable and can be used in many applications in place of more hazardous chemicals. The main markets of formic acid are leather, textile, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries as well as agriculture. In agriculture, formic acid is used as a preservative and antibacterial agent in livestock feed.


Kemira produces formic acid and its derivatives in Oulu, Finland and organic acid derivatives in Tiel, the Netherlands.

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