August 15, 2008


Australia's beef exports to Asia jump by 38 percent on-year


Australia's beef shipments to Southeast Asia and China jumped by 38 percent in July to 9,101 tonnes against the same period last year.


Beef export volume sent to the region during the calendar year to July also bounced 33 percent on-year to 53,532 tonnes swt, the highest since 1998.


The growth was driven by demand for manufacturing and secondary beef cuts, particularly following further rises in Brazilian cattle prices, market observers said.


On January to July, Australia shipped more manufacturing beef to Southeast Asia/China, 11 percent compared with 5 percent in 2007. Manufacturing beef exports to the region surged 106 percent to 21,972 tonnes swt, the majority of which was sent to Indonesia and the Philippines.


Shin shank exports to these markets also increased 15 percent during the seven months to July, to 9,762 tonnes swt, with rises in the volume sent to Indonesia offsetting the fall in Taiwan-bound exports. Beef neck exports also soared 142 percent to 4,295 tonnes swt, driven by Singapore, Indonesian and Malaysian demand for soup dishes – a substitute for tails.


Meanwhile, thick flank/knuckle exports to Southeast Asia/Chinas were influenced by strong demand from Russia, falling 38 percent on-year, to 2,091 tonnes swt, representing only 4 percent of total shipments to the region.


Australian beef exports to Southeast Asia/Chinas are expected to remain firm in the near future due to high Brazilian beef prices and the weakening of Australian dollar.

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