China's leading ruminant husbandry and feed company, YouRan Group, and Cargill's global animal health business, Diamond V, have entered a strategic partnership on August 5.

Under the alliance, Diamond V has the right to sell its technology to the farms under YouRan management. YouRan will also have the license to re-sell Diamond V technologies through its chain of supermarkets across China.

In addition, Diamond V and YouRan will collaborate in research and development to launch innovative co-branded functional products to further enhance industry efficiencies.

"YouRan and Diamond V share a commitment to exceptional product quality, meeting consumer needs and innovating to support the growth of China's dairy industry," said Yuanlin Wang, head of Diamond V's China business. "As the sector continues to expand, alliances like this will allow us to serve its needs in a safe, responsible and sustainable way."

"By combining Diamond V and YouRan's expertise, this partnership can facilitate future strategic cooperation in areas like animal health, food safety and sustainability. These are shared areas of strength and focus for our two companies," YouRan Group said.

In securing a preferred position on YouRan's network, Diamond V gets to serve the leading dairy producer in China, selling the most comprehensive range of products. Diamond V reinforces YouRan's positioning around health and sustainability, and enrich the product portfolio for YouRan's online platform Jumucheng.

According to the company, Diamond V's proprietary bioactive compounds work naturally with an animal's biology to strengthen their immune system, support digestive tissue integrity and promote microbial balance. Thus, healthier animals are more productive, have smaller environmental footprints and require fewer antibiotics — a factor important in the context of China's plan to ban antibiotics for livestock by 2020.

"This partnership holds great promise for both our companies," YouRan added. "China's dairy industry has been growing in both size and quality and collaborating with a leader in nutrition and health like Diamond V allows us to reinforce our commitment to providing highquality, high-tech and high-value added products."

"Collaborating with China's number one dairy producer and ruminant feed group will raise both the reach and profile of Diamond V," Wang said. "We expect this partnership to yield great outcomes for consumers, our companies and our industry as a whole."

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