August 14, 2019

US joint venture opens new feed mill in Indiana, US

Alliance Feed, a joint venture between Farmer's Grain & Feed CO. and Co-Alliance LLP, has opened a new US$12.4 million feed mill in Columbia City, Indiana, US, Powder & Bulk Solids reported on August 9.

The feed mill, according to Co Alliance chief executive officer Kevin Still, will benefit a nearby community "for generations." Still added: "We're excited to be working with the Shively family and Farmer's Grain on this exciting new venture for area farmers."

The new plant will deliver a yearly output of six million bushels of processed corn. It plans to hire 13 year-round employees to operate the mill. With its establishment, the feed mill could provide opportunities for farmers to add wean-to-finish hog operations, said Alliance Feed.

"Adding a wean-to-finish hog barn to an existing operation is a great way for a farmer to diversify," Chris Kenyon, director of eastern operations at Alliance Feed, said in a press release. "Not only does it add an extra source of income, it also optimises fertiliser costs and allows a younger generation of farmers to get their start and build a history."

- Powder & Bulk Solids