August 14, 2008


Canada reports new cases of anthrax killing cattle


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency confirmed two more fatal cases of anthrax in cattle from two different communities in Saskatchewan.


The most recent case was reported Monday (August 11) in the Rural Municipality of Big River, about 130 kilometre northwest of Prince Albert, according to Country Guide. CFIA also reported a case on Saturday (August 9) in Harris, about 80 km southwest of Saskatoon.


The news agency said that the two most recent cases bring the total number of anthrax deaths this spring and summer to 24, including 16 cattle and eight bison, over a total of five farms, all in different areas of Saskatchewan.


CFIA explained that findings of anthrax in Western Canada are common and the spores which cause the disease are known to exist in soils across the Prairies.


The agency recommends that ranchers consult with veterinarians about vaccination as a regular health maintenance for their herds.

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