August 13, 2018

ICC Brazil to participate in poultry congress in Honduras



ICC Brazil will present scientifically proven solutions which benefit broiler's health at the Central American and Caribbean Poultry Congress on August 21-23.


The event will take place in Honduras, Central America, and will gather professionals to discuss sanitary issues and broiler diseases.


"This is the third edition in which we take part, and it will be a great opportunity to meet customers and suppliers. We will also be sharing news and results of our latest research and ICC products to the poultry sector", said ICC Brazil's business manager Ricardo Toledo. He will introduce the company, along with R&D coordinator Melina Bonato.


"ICC Brazil will deliver two lectures in a dinner with our supplier, DISAGRO, on August 21," Toledo added.


Three ICC products will be highlighted: Hilyses®, ImmunoWall®, and StarFix®. "Hilyses® assists broiler's performance. ImmunoWall® is focused on the intestinal integrity and animal welfare, and it is composed of β-glucans that help to strengthen the immune system and may control several diseases, such as necrotic enteritis, for example. StarFix® is a great solution against several mycotoxins that affect poultry productivity," he explained.


Hilyses® is a nucleotides source for the broiler's diet. "The first few days after incubation are crucial because it is when the immune system, intestine, and organ cells mature. Also, it is the stage in which broiler growth is faster. Therefore, the demand for nutrients in this period is extremely high", Bonato highlighted. "Thus, nucleotides play an important role in several metabolic processes of broilers, especially at this stage."


Intestinal microbiota balance and immune system responses may also be improved with yeast cell wall supplementation. Composed of β-glucans and MOS, ImmunoWall® strengthens the immune system and helps to fight against necrotic enteritis, a disease caused by toxins which attack the broiler's intestine. As a result, contamination and transmission of pathogenic bacteria to other organs of the body decreases.


"In addition to being a natural additive, the product is a viable solution to improve intestine health and food safety at low dosages, resulting in an excellent cost-benefit," Bonato said.


StarFix® is a broad-spectrum adsorbent. It acts on the intestine, recovering liver functions of broilers affected by mycotoxins.


"The solution proposed by ICC protects animals from mycotoxins threats, improving productivity and adding value to the producer," Toledo remarked.