August 13, 2015


Aviagen opens feed mill in Brazil




Aviagen began operating its new feed mill in Itai, São Paulo, Brazil, the company announced last month.


"The new plant provides us with both a cost-efficient facility and highest quality of feed," said Jonivan Paloschi, the PS production manager of Aviagen Latin America. "Our plant is already operating at 100% capacity, providing all the feed consumed on Aviagen internal breeding stock farms."​


The feed mill is equipped with modern technology and utilises the "FIFO" (First In, First Out) operating procedure. With strict biosecurity protocols in place, all feed is heat-treated to eliminate potential pathogens, ensuring that the health status of Aviagen's poultry breeding stock will not be compromised.


"The new feed mill combines modern design and technology to provide top quality and safe feed for our farms, which ultimately is reflected in the quality of stock we deliver to our customers," said Ivan Lauandos, the president of Aviagen Latin America. "Our biggest goal is to have a feed ration of high micro-biological quality, free from pathogens, in order to distribute to the entire poultry chain."

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