August 12, 2011


South India develops new classic swine flu vaccine



The Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals, Palode has created a new vaccine against the classic swine flu.


Development of this vaccine against classic swine flu, is a first of its kind in South India. Before this, the vaccine had to be purchased and transported by air from the Indian Veterinary Institute located in northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


The classic swine flu or hog cholera was first reported from Kerela in 2006 and has a 100% mortality rate and affects pigs of all ages. The disease generally spreads through animal feed, vessels, footwear and even air. High fever, eye secretions, swelling of eyelids, constipation followed by diarrhoea are the reported symptoms of the disease.


This vaccine will be released and dedicated by the Minister for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, K P Mohanan.

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