August 12, 2008


Husky Energy sees good demand for DDGS


Canada-based ethanol company, Husky Energy, said it is having no trouble finding a home in western Canada for DDGS.


Husky's ethanol plants in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, and Minnedosa, Manitoba, each have the capacity to produce 130 million liters of ethanol per year, using roughly 350,000 tonnes each of wheat and corn as feedstock. Husky spokesman Graham White said each plant produces 134,000 tonnes of DDGS.


White said the DDGS were marketed primarily as cattle feed in two forms, as a compressed pelleted feed and as a high concentrated syrup. He said there was good demand for the DDGS from livestock producers. White added that the company could probably make twice as much and still sell it.


White said that any profits from the ethanol byproduct were more of a bonus to the company rather than a major business concern, as the primary focus of the two plants was on ethanol.

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