August 12, 2008


Brazil's pork exports up 23 percent on-year in July

Brazil's pork exports in July increased 23 percent on-year to 56,120 tonnes, according to recent figures released by the Brazilian Pork Packaging and Export Association (ABIPECS).

Export revenue surged 90.5 percent to US$168.86 million. Exports to Russia in July reached 26,190 tonnes, up 12.15 percent on-year.


Sales in the first seven months of 2008 totalled 326,790 tonnes, up 0.08 percent on-year. During this period, revenue increased 37.5 percent to US$876.72 million. Russia was the biggest importer during the period with a share of 43.46 percent and a revenue increase of 26.3 percent to US$459,000, but sales have declined 11.4 percent to 142,000 tonnes.


Other key markets include Hong Kong with 67,780 tonnes, Ukraine with 20,400 tonnes, Argentina with 16,960 tonnes and Singapore with 13,310 tonnes.

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