August 12, 2008


Zinpro launches new sow chute

US company Zinpro Performance Minerals has introduced a sow chute that is designed to tackle the overgrown and unbalanced claw aspect in sow lameness.

Distorted claws can affect the sow's movements, predispose feet to injury and cause other painful claw lesions, and may even lead to culling.


Zinpro's sow chute allows the sow to be safety secured and lifted, giving the handler free access to the feet. This would allow foot inspection, lesions identification and correct trimming to take place without the risks associated with sedation or other methods of restraint to the sow or handler.


This chute is part of the company's Feet First project that aims to address the issues of sow lameness and its impact on herd health, productivity and performance. A patent on the chute technology is currently pending.

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