August 11, 2020


Merck'snew two-dose option provides early vaccination against ileitis


Merck Animal Health announced that its Porcilis Ileitis is now approved for multi-dose administration to vaccinate against ileitis caused by the bacteriumLawsoniaintracellularis, National Hog Farmer reported. Previously approved to be given as one 2 mL dose at three weeks of age, the new license includes an option to administer two, 1 mL doses and to vaccinate as early as three days of age with a booster three weeks later.

"The new label claim gives veterinarians and swine producers the option to start vaccinating against ileitis at the time of piglet processing," says Jack Creel, DVM, associate director of swine technical services. "The timing also allows it to be administered at the same time as Circumvent PCV G2 or Circumvent PCVM G2 vaccines as recommended by a veterinarian."

Porcilis Ileitis received approval from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2015 and was the first licensed injectable vaccine against the disease, which often causes subclinical performance challenges. Compared to live attenuated vaccines, this inactivated vaccine provides protection without interference that can be caused by antibiotic treatments, meaning that feed- and water-grade antibiotics can continue to be administered throughout the vaccination period.

"Porcilis Ileitis has been a valuable tool to help producers better manage this disease. Now they have the option of a one- or two-dose protocol, with both offering long lasting, strong protection against ileitis," says Creel.