August 11, 2011


UK opens first aquaculture incubator centre



UK opens the first aquaculture incubator centre designed to have a major impact on the growth and sustainability of the country's aquaculture sector due to its unique facilities and specific support services.


Based in Northumberland, North East England, the new facility is geared towards developing fledgling enterprises.


As the UK's first aquaculture business incubator centre, Astec is set to have a major impact on the growth and sustainability of the UK aquaculture industry, due to its unique facilities and a specific focus on developing fledgling enterprises.


The new Astec Aquaculture Business & Science Centre located in Northumberland, North East England, provides an ideal base for aquaculture businesses of all sizes and at varying stages of development, with its unique combination of 'plug in and go' facilities and specialist business support services.


Astec can offer tailored packages of support and technical advice to anyone looking to take their first steps towards commercialising a business idea, as well as to more established aquaculture businesses looking to diversify or relocate.


As well as providing a nurturing and supportive environment, the purpose-built Centre has one very distinct offering that will appeal to marine scientists and industry alike-a continuous supply of near tropical temperature, flow-through seawater.


This enables a wide range of marine plants and animals to be cultivated there, and breeding to continue all year round. This existing infrastructure means tenants can effectively 'plug in and go', and eliminates the expense and difficulty involved in transporting seawater.


Astec's chief executive, Kevin Haddrick, says: "We have a special focus on helping fledgling businesses and spin-out companies who are looking to take the next step towards becoming a commercial operation. We recognise that many people starting out need some help outside their sphere of scientific expertise, so our onsite team can offer help in areas like marketing, finance, networking and business management, helping people to focus on setting up and running their own businesses.


"Our technical advisory group will also provide guidance on more industry related issues, and act as a valuable knowledge pool for our tenants."


More established businesses looking to diversify or expand are also welcome, says Mr Haddrick.


"We are already looking at the potential to extend the outdoor production space we have onto adjacent land to support more large scale business operations."


The Centre has already attracted a significant amount of interest from the marine sciences community.


Professor Grant Burgess of the Dove Marine Laboratory commented: "As the UK's first aquaculture incubator, Astec will draw aquaculture companies to the region to take advantage of the fantastic facilities, year round warm seawater and nearby expertise and advice."

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