August 10, 2020


Big Dutchman builds two turn-key poultry houses for broiler production in Spain



Big Dutchman recently built two new houses for broiler production for Spes 2016 S.L. in the Spanish province of Zaragoza, Big Dutchman announced last month.

The turn-key buildings each have a size of 130x16 meters with an additional service room of 15m2. At the beginning of June, 35,000 birds were moved into each barn. Big Dutchman Ibérica, the Spanish subsidiary of the German equipment supplier, was in charge of project planning and implementation. 

Spes 2016 S.L. is a family-owned company run by married couple Francisco and Concha and their sons David and Rodrigo. Joining forces, the family rose to the challenges resulting from such a large-scale project. "The housing equipment meets the most recent standards in the market," said Big Dutchman sales manager Jorge Camacho about the outcome of the project.

In terms of poultry climate control, the house is ventilated with a CombiTunnel ventilation system, fresh air inlets in the side walls and central chimneys that create a minimum level of ventilation.

In case of high temperatures, the system automatically switches to 'tunnel' mode. Air then enters the house through a pad cooling system that is made of polypropylene. Fans in the gable wall ensure high air flow rates and thus the respective air speed.

As for the supply of feed and water, broilers are provided by the Augermatic feeding system consisting of four feed lines and 672 feed pans. Water is provided by ten drinker lines with 2,520 nipples per building.

For cleaning, the feed and drinker lines can be lifted.

Other features of the facilities include: heaters with closed combustion chamber type JetMaster; ZEUS LED lamps with two shades of white, which can be controlled individually; and the BigFarmNet management system that enables poultry managers to control and monitor their houses remotely using a PC, smartphone and tablet.

Spes 2016 S.L. decided to operate its house with solar energy and has installed a photovoltaic system with a power of 75kWp. All components of this system are located in a service building.

- Big Dutchman