August 10, 2020


Vilofoss announces launch of PeckStone mineral stone for poultry




VILOFOSS® PeckStone pre-occupation materials have been used for eight years worldwide in all types of farming for laying hens, broilers and turkeys and are constantly being developed.


The PeckStone variants -- medium, hard, extra hard and active -- are available in different degrees of hardness to suit every type of flock and for a wide range of applications, Vilofoss said.


With the VILOFOSS® PeckStone fresh, the company is introducing another innovation: the new mineral stone is characterised not just by the proportion of coarse limestone grit but also by its content of valuable essential oils as its key feature


According to Vilofoss, the beneficial effects of thyme and eucalyptus on the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts are well known. These have been used in specialised products and chickens have benefited from the aromas extracted from fresh herbs by using steam. Even with a bird pecking at PeckStone fresh, the effect on its respiratory tract can be released before they are absorbed together with the minerals.


The VILOFOSS® PeckStone fresh is offered in an advanced white transparent bowl of 10kg.


It is suitable for use in organic farming.


- Vilofoss