August 10, 2020


Indian avian research institute to explores use of biomass in poultry farming



India's Central Avian Research Institute (Cari) will examine the viability of biomass to replace protein-rich food in poultry farming.

The institute has recently signed an MoU with the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) R&D centre in Faridabad, Haryana, India, to research the safety of using biomass in poultry diets.


Biomass refers collectively to all plant and animal materials used in energy production. It is produced as a byproduct during the conversion of refinery waste gases to ethanol through gas fermentation, according to scientists. Biomass contains 80% proteins.

"Protein is the costliest constituent of poultry feed. We are planning to study whether the refinery byproduct from IOC can be utilised as a cheaper alternative protein source for poultry birds," said Cari director Sanjeev Kumar. "The project will be of a one-year duration and cost around Rs 10.7 lakh."


Cari scientists said that they would study the safe inclusion levels, palatability and the growth of poultry birds being fed biomass.


"We will extract and process the protein from biomass and study its impact on poultry birds. If we do not find any negative performance, we will recommend it as a protein substitute." said Cari principal scientist Sandeep Saran.


- The Times of India