August 10, 2016


China broiler meat shortfall worsens



China's production of broiler meat is expected to decrease by 5% this year, an effect of the country's continued restrictions on imports of grandparent stock from its major suppliers.


If the restrictions, due to concerns over the bird flu virus, persist, production is forecast by the US Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service to even slide further next year by around 14% from 2015.


The value of China's broiler imports drastically went down to US$22 million in 2015, almost half that of the previous year's nearly $40 million worth of chicks used for breeding stock, data from China Customs showed. The figure is likely to be the same this year as that in 2015.


China's main suppliers of white-feathered broiler grandparent stock before 2015 were the US

and France, but restrictions were put in place due to avian influenza issues.


Increased supplies from Spain and New Zealand have only partially offset large import declines, according to a report on


China's production of yellow-feathered broilers from local genetics are expected to increase its market share in 2017, but won't be enough to fill the shortfall in white-feathered broilers.