August 10, 2011


United Grain Company keeps raising grain exports



OJSC United Grain Company shipped almost 60,000 tonnes of Russian grains to foreign buyers in the first month after the ban cancellation of the Russian Federation on grain exports.


According to the press service of the company, in August-September 2011 United Grain Company plans to supply at least 300,000 tonnes of Russian grains on the international market. As of August 8, 2011, the company already signed contracts for supplies of over 130,000 tonnes of grains from the planned volume.


As a reminder, the increase of grain exports from Russia was determined by the Decree of the President dd. March 20, 2009, as one of the priorities of United Grain Company. In May 2010 United Grain Company realised the first commercial sales of grains abroad - to Egypt and Jordan.


During the period of May -August 2010 United Grain Company sent abroad on commercial contracts nearly half a million tonnes of Russian grains – 474,300 tonnes of wheat and barley.


Due to the entry into force of the temporary ban on grain exports from Russia in the period from August 15, 2010, to July 1, 2011, United Grain Company temporarily stopped negotiations on exports to foreign partners and refocused its activities on the domestic market.

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