August 9, 2016


Brazil allows 1M tonnes of US corn imports



Lower production and high prices have compelled the Brazilian government to allow the importation of 1 million tonnes of corn from the US.


Representatives of the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA) and the poultry and swine industries said the government had given them this assurance during a recent emergency meeting called to tackle the problem of high corn prices caused by lower domestic production.


The US, noted ABPA chief executive Francisco Turra,"is reaping a great harvest and has considerable surpluses. In addition, estimates of purchase prices show prices there are more attractive than those in our domestic market. It will be a great relief for the entire industry".


According to a news report posted on, the import authorisation lasts up to October. Importers can also order from neighbouring countries such as Paraguay where, the Ministry of Agriculture and Supply said, there is a supply of 2.5 million tonnes of importable corn, and Argentina, with over 15 million tonnes.