August 9, 2011 


DLA Group acquires Suomen Yrittajien Maatalous Oy



DLA Group strengthens its market position in Finland through the acquisition of the Finnish agricultural supply company, Suomen Yrittäjien Maatalous Oy, and builds on the foundation of DLA Group's position in its international markets.


DLA Group's Chairman, Christian Junker, is very pleased with the purchase and identifies a number of direct synergies.


"With DLA Group's strong position in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and the Baltic States, it is only natural for us to now expand our activities in Finland," said Junker.


"We have several companies in the DLA Group which benefit greatly every time we enhance our combined distribution power. We are in an industry characterised by economies of scale," he said.


"It is natural for us to increase our investment in Finland which currently generates only a modest turnover via Melica Oy in Vaasa, the company we acquired in 2007,"

said Junker. "With the acquisition of Suomen Yrittäjien Maatalous Oy – Finland's third largest agricultural supply company – we now have a strong distribution capability via 30 outlets distributed throughout the country."


CEO Peter Iversen is looking forward to the commercial opportunities to be gained from the acquisition.


"Through the acquisition of Suomen Yrittäjien Maatalous Oy, which has an extensive

presence in Finland, we are significantly increasing our distribution capability in the Finnish market," Iversen said.


"Until now, DLA Group's activities in Finland have primarily encompassed premixes and mineral mixes from our company, Melica Oy," he said. "We are now expanding our product portfolio to include grains, raw materials, seeds, crop protection, fertilisers, premixes and mineral feeds and not least machinery sales in which Suomen Yrittäjien Maatalous Oy also has a strong position."

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