August 8, 2019

FrieslandCampina expands number of dairy supplier farms in response to German demand


FrieslandCampina is increasing the number of participating dairy farms that supply Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik (VLOG) milk from 400 to more than 600 due to increased demand in Germany.


VLOG is a German association responsible for the certification and issue of the "Ohne Gentechnik" label. This milk product will be used to make cheese for the German market.


In Germany, more than 50% of the milk is already produced according to the VLOG standard, FrieslandCampina said. In the Netherlands, the co-op was the first dairy company to start using VLOG dairy in 2017. The aim is to produce food without the use of genetically modified organisms. This is aimed at the entire chain from feed flows, dairy farming, transport and dairy processing to the store shelf.


All participating dairy farms have to employ full outdoor grazing. The dairy processor must also process milk in a separate milk flow.


Dairy farms that produce according to the VLOG standard receive an extra reward of 1 cent per kg of milk on top of an outdoor grazing premium. The remaining value, through the performance payment, will go to the benefit of all FrieslandCampina dairy farmers and contributes to the investments in various cheese makers.


VLOG fits in with FrieslandCampina's cooperative vision of "Merits of Milk," the co-op said. According to FrieslandCampina, the aim is to create more value for members with a distinctive and progressive chain approach that is market-oriented and responds to developments in society.


VLOG is one of FrieslandCampina's special milk flows, enabling it to respond to consumer needs.


- FrieslandCampina