August 8, 2016


Chile seafood exports down 9% in Jan.-May, imports up 23%


Chilean seafood exports in the first five months declined by 9% to 174,030 tonnes, the Undersecretariat for Fisheries and Aquaculture said.


In its latest Situation Report, the undersecretariat said that despite the decrease in volume, value rose 14.3% to US$606.8 million because of higher prices of some major species like Illex squid.


Export data showed that sales of hubbsi hake rose 15.8% to 40,831 tonnes, and 5.3% in value to $94.5 million, despite the average price falling 9%.


Overseas sales of hoki in the period January-May decreased 7.5% and value fell likewise by 6.1% to $10.6 million.


Patagonian toothfish exports also decreased, by 11%, in volume, but rose 1.2% in value to $30 million, as the average price rose 11% year-on-year.


Shrimp exports registered the highest growth, with volume of exports increasing 61.8% to 47,931 tonnes and their value by 50.2% to $284.3 million.


Squid exports


Illex squid exports declined 50.6% in volume in the first five months to 33.042 tonnes valued at $60.2 million.


Scallop exports reached 3,009 tonnes (32.9% increase) worth $33 million (27.1% increase), while exports of white croaker hit 5,294 tonnes (0.9% increase) valued at $8.4 million (14.3% increase).


Spain was the No. 1 importer of Chilean seafood products in January-May with 33,830 tonnes valued at $135.8 million. China was No.2 with 28,878 tonnes worth $96.6 million.


The US was the third-top importer with 10,328 tonnes valued at $70.9 during the five-month period, while Italy placed fourth with 9,596 tonnes worth USD 40.1 million 12,462 tonnes worth $34.8 million.


Italy was in fourth place with 9,596 tonnes worth $40.1 million and Brazil was fifth with 12,462 tonnes worth $34.8 million.


During the period, Chile's seafood imports increased 23% year-on-year to 21,481 tonnes. Their value also increased, by 13.1%, to $77.8 million.

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