August 8, 2011


Russia exports 87,702-tonne grain to Azerbaijan



The volume of Russia's grain and its products shipped to Azerbaijan in July 2011 amounted to 87,702 tonnes, said the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision.


According to information, Azerbaijan ranks sixth in terms of export volumes.


Turkey ranks first in export volumes, to which about 462,279 tonnes of grain was sent. Egypt ranks second (461,857 tonnes), Kenya - third (173,374 tonnes), Italy - fourth (172,142 tonnes), and Israel - fifth (144,567 tonnes) the report said.


The Azerbaijani population and economy has reached a 3-3.2 million tonne demand in crops.


The main suppliers of grain in Azerbaijan are Stavropol and Krasnodar, the Southern Federal District of Russia, as well as Kazakhstan.


Agriculture Ministry's Plant Products Production and Processing Department Chief Sabir Veliyev, earlier said that the country produced 2.1 million tonnes of grain and imported 1.4 million tonnes in 2010. Of this amount, one million tonnes of grain was left unused as reserves for 2011.


"The deficit in cereals is not observed this year as we have last year's reserves. As of April, 330,000 tonnes of grain were imported - now the figure will be about 500,000 tonnes. The production volumes are also projected to increase," Veliyev said.


The decision to abolish the VAT was seen as unnecessary under the circumstances. "Naturally, there is no threat to rising prices", he added.

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