August 8, 2008


Seaboard to open ham processing facility in Mexico

Conglomerate Seaboard Corporation said its ham processing plant in Reynosa, Mexico is expected to complete construction in late 2008 or early 2009.

Seaboard's pork division entered an agreement in April to build and operate a majority-owned ham-boning and processing plant in Mexico. The plant will begin by producing boneless fresh ham, with potential to add other products.


The facility will only be used for processing, with no plans for slaughter, and its annual production capacity is expected to reach 50-60 million pounds.


The plant's products will be mainly marketed in Mexico but could be sold to other markets, according to Seaboard Foods spokesman David Eaheart.


The total cost of the plant is US$10 million, with about US$8.1 million to be spent in the remainder of 2008.
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