August 8, 2008
Czech Republic's 2008 grain harvest seen up 7 percent on-year at 6.82 million

The second estimate for the Czech Republic's total 2008 grain harvest is 6.82 million tonnes, up 7 percent from the 2007 harvest of 6.37 million tonnes, the Czech Statistics Office, or CSU, said Thursday (August 7).

The estimate is based on data collected from local farmers on July 15 and is 0.8 percent lower than the CSU's first estimate, released last month.

The estimated wheat grain crop yield is expected to total 5.11 tonnes a hectare in 2008, up from the final grain crop yield of 4.86 tonnes / hectare in 2007.

The estimated production of 6.82 million tonnes of main cereals confirms that this year's harvest is higher thanks to winter cereals, which wintered well in the mild weather, the CSU said.

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