August 8, 2008


USAID-funded poultry farm opens in Afghanistan's Helmand

A US$3 million poultry farm funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has been established in Afghanistan's southern province of Helmand.


A string of development projects have commenced this week in the province as part of an effort to put the troubled region back to normalcy.


The farm had imported 5,000 chickens from the Netherlands, including hens laying eggs for hatching, human consumption and broilers, according to Dr Ihsanullah, USAID chief in Helmand.


Ihsanullah said eggs for consumption would be sold in the local market and the objective behind the farm is to spur the local economy and minimise dependency on imports from neighbouring countries such as Pakistan and Iran.


Ihsanullah expects the farm to produce 50,000 eggs daily, and 100,000 broilers and 200,000 layers annually after one and a half year. Any excess inventory would be supplied to other parts of Afghanistan once the needs of Helmand and adjoining provinces are met.


Meanwhile, the USAID also promised to provide poultry farm trainings to Helmand's residents and to provide with chicken feed and other resources at cheaper rates.

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