August 8, 2003



Australia's Exports Of Chilled Lamb Higher Than Frozen Lamb In FY 2001-02


Australia's chilled lamb exports exceeded frozen lamb exports for the first time in fiscal year 2001-02, confirming that the trend is moving from frozen lamb towards chilled lamb.


Exports of chilled lamb increased 3% to a record 2,795 tons, with exports of frozen lamb falling 26% to 2,245 tons. 


The value of lamb exported totalled A$37 million, a fall of 14% compared to fiscal 2001/02. 


Japanese consumers are increasingly open to eating high quality lamb. The volume of lamb exports to Japan have been stifled by reduced production of lamb in Australia. Exports of lamb to Japan fell 13% in fiscal 2002/03, with 5,040 tons shipped.  


Source: MLA